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Antique Cars

1909 Model T 1910 Buick 1917 Cadillac 1917 Ford Surfing Truck 1926 Ford Canvas Top Truck 1927 Ford Winery Truck Grill Dusenberg Ford Rumble Getaway Car LocoMobile

Classic Cars

1959 Cadillac 1962 VW Bug 1962 VW Bus 1964 Pontiac GTO 51 Ford Conv 55 Chevy 55 Chevy Convertible 56 Ford Convertible Cool 51 Caddy Edsel TAXI ! Time To Go Very Nice Mustang Woody You Like A Ride ?

Foreign Sports Cars

1932 Bugatti Type 55 1937 Bugatti Type 59 1954 MG 1957 Ferrari 250 GT 1957 Ferrari 250 TR 911 Front 911 Rear Austin Healey Jaguar Coupe Porsche 356 Speedster  Silver 356 Porsche Rear View Triumph

Hot Rods

Blown Hot Rod Drag Racer Firey Hot Rod+ Raccoon Tail Golf Cart with a Hemi Hot Purple Passion Rod Hot Rods at the Christmas Tree Mustang Fastback Lucky No. 13 Racing Z28 Red El Camino SS

Light Trucks

1927 Ford Winery Truck Bed 1963 Chevy Truck 1963 Ford Ranchero Chevy Plumbers Truck Chevy Tahoe Dodge Truck Hot Rod Ice Cream (Truck) Snack Pack

Muscle Cars

1960 Corvette 1963 Corvette Front View 1963 Corvette Rear View 54 Pink T-Bird Dodge Viper Shelby Cobra The Wasp

Race Cars

Kurtis Roadster Midget Racer

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Ancient Popcorn Truck Blue Big Rig Fresh Ford Fruit Truck Hot Rod Ice Cream (Truck) Ice Cream Tricycle Loging Truck goin Home Mac Logging Truck Muscat Bus Pontiac Sasuage Car Reflection on a tanker truck Street Cleaner Taco Truck Tanker Big Rig TAXI ! Time To Go Tow The Man Down . . . USPS Mail Truck


 Water Truck Back Hoe BobCat Caterpillar Hauling a Sheepsfoot D10 Caterpillar Dodge Flatbed Truck John Deere Front Loader Mac Dump Truck Old Cement Mixer 13 Roller Self Loading Scraper Steam Shovel The Dirty Dozer This Muds is for you #1 Trencher Wild Dozer


Blue Ford Tractor Catapiller Tractor disking Emico Power Horse 37 Ford Tractor Big Dual Tires Fordson Tractor John Deere Adjustable John Deere Cable Loader John Deere Front Loader John Deere Green Acres John Deere Green Engine John Deere Old Timer More Steam Baby ! Orange Tractor Orchard Special Red Rover Snack Pack Tin Roof Alley

Planes, Jets, Helicopters

Apache Attack Helicopter Bell Helicopter Crop Duster Curtis-Wright  Trainer F102 Delta F4 Phamtom Fighter Jet Grumman Tracker Medivac Helicopter Smugglers Blues Thunderbolt A-10-10Warthog Try to get some air Viet Fighter

WW I Planes

Albatros DV New Red Barron SE 5 Fighting Ace Sopwith Camel WW l British spad fighter

WW II Planes

B 17 Flying Fortress B 24 Liberator Corsair Hooked on Landing DC 3 flying tiger Focke- Wulf Focke-Wulf 190 Messerschmitt WW ll German fighter P-38 Lighting P-38 Lightning Condensed P-47 Thunderbolt P-51 Mustang P51-D Mustang Spitefire Spitfire WWII Bomber

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Bicycle with Training Wheels Friends No.1 Scooter Pink Big Wheel Radio Flyer Tricycle


Abram Tank Army Ambulance Army Jeep Pershing Tank Sherman Tank


1915 Indian 1947 Indian Chief 1956 AJS 2004 Honda All Four Blue Chopper Chopper Dream Machine Dirtbike Front End Special Harley Chopper Harley Davidson Harley Meter Maid Honda CVX Ice Cream Tricycle LayZ Ride Chopper Police Motorcycle Retro Chopper Royal Enfield with Side car Saddle Bags with a Harley Suzuki G5X Trick Bike Vespa


Chief's Here Classy Fire Truck Forest Service Fire Truck Hooks and Ladders Medivac Helicopter MooreVille Fire No. 1 Fire Truck Paramedic's Wild Ride Peterbuilt Fire Tanker Pierce Fire Truck Urban hook and ladder Where's The Fire ? WW I  Ambulance


 34 ford Police car 1950 Ford Police Car Dodge Magnum Police Car Ford Police Car Harley Meter Maid K-9 Olde Paddy Wagon Police Camero Police Motorcycle S.W.A.T.

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 Always bring up the rear Antique Steamer Diesel Switcher Hand Car Pennsylvania RR Steam Switcher Tank Car UP Cattle Car Wild Wild West